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September 13, 2017


There has been much discussion on social media about the new fortnightly bin collections in Chelmsford. We aren't the first authority to implement this frequency of bin collection and we won't be the last. The evidence is overwhelmingly positive in that it generates higher levels of recycling and less landfill rubbish, so on this basis AND the fact it will save considerable money for the authority and therefore tax payers money ! shouldn't we embrace it with open arms.


Well yes, but it will cause issues for some residents for which the Council must provide help for. For example large families will generate more rubbish and especially large families with babies in nappies, they wil of course generate more recycling.


At the Cabinet Committee last night I raised a few issues, mainly full bins with lids slightly ajar NOT being collected, neighbours taking advantage of emptier bins next door and what can large families do when they regularly fill up their black bins.


In answer to the first issue, we're not a petty council who penalises residents who fill their black bins and leave them 2 inches ajar, even though some people think so. So if you believe this has happened to you please contact me with the details or contact your local Councillor or the Council direct. There are occasions where residents fill their bins and have additional black bags for disposal, on those occasions the bags will not be removed, only the black bin. There are occasions when having a clearout and you can't physically get to the "dump" that you may have additional black bags, unfortunately you'll have to save them till the next black bib collection; ask some else to take it up the dump, or arrange with the Council to have them collected, this will however probably result in a charge.


The second problem of large families is one issue we hear quite a lot, the criteria for getting a larger bin is that you have to have 7 people in the household, if this applies to you contact the City Council. The other service the Council offer is that they will come round and assess the problem and will advise how best to solve your rubbish dilemma. I personally think that the number should be lower. However when you look at the things you can't recycle they aren't generally the things you throw away on a regular basis and even if they are they are generally small items.


The Council's website has information and advice on bins & 
recycling, if you can't find what you want let me know as there are some areas of the Council's new web site that hasn't got all the information you need.


I think there a lot of families that don't know everything that you can recycle so future blogs will look at making this clearer and I will ask that the City Life magazine includes these details.




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